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There are many levels to cleaning and maintaining the appearance of your vehicle.  The difference in a true detail job is the level of Cleaning, Time and Expertise that goes into doing such a job.  Most car wash services simply address the cleaning part to some loose degree.  They require very little time and normally will involve very little expertise.

A professional detail job includes all three areas of Cleaning, Time and Expertise.  Here is a breakdown of what each of those areas mean.

Cleaning - First and foremost, the level of cleaning that goes into detailing is very advanced and meticulous. From paint restoration services, to carpet steaming/shampooing, to leather care and upholstery work.  Detailing is a bumper to bumper, cracks and crevasses, business.  The result of a true detail job should be a vehicle with as close to show room finish as humanly possible.  

Time - Proper detailing and the level of cleaning that goes into it takes time.  Most full detail jobs run 4-6 hours in length and cover both the outside and inside of your vehicle.  Furthermore, specialized equipment is needed to address all the areas required for restoring a vehicle to its "like new" condition.  This equipment can be expensive, as well require specialized training.  There simply isn't a quick and easy way to properly detail a vehicle.

Expertise - Today's vehicles include countless types of materials; as well as, countless ways for each of those materials to get dirty, degrade or wear.  Knowing how to address such situations properly takes education and experience.  Improper use of cleaners, brushes, equipment, etc., can leave a vehicle unclean or damaged.  This expertise also has a direct cost as professional training is required, earned experience is obtained and specialized equipment purchased.

In summary, you really can't compare car washing with detailing as each has their purpose and place regarding vehicle maintenance.  Car washing is worthy and important for maintaining basic appearance.  However, detailing is a next level of care that preserved the life of a vehicle, it's components and longevity.
There is no perfect recipe, as there are different levels of detail and different environments and conditions in which vehicles face.  As a rough rule of thumb, for the average auto owner, we recommend a Full Detail Package at least once per year.  This service gives your vehicle a complete refresh, inside and out, and will go a long ways in helping you feel like you are driving a new vehicle.

Maintenance wise, we recommend a basic detail every quarter. This will ensure a very good level of cleaning, but without the additional expense of additional paint work.  It is during these times that you can consider adding a specialized add-on, like a full carpet shampoo, trim restore or engine detail.  

Everything else we would say is a response to a need you may have.  You have a spill in the vehicle, headlights are getting hazy, etc.  These are services that don't happen in any schedule and aren't necessarily preventable.  So just tackle them as you need to.
First and foremost, we recommend you read our FAQ post comparing a detail job to car washing services.  That post outlines the many differences between the two and why detailing does cost significantly more.  

The better question we might could answer here is whether spending $150 - $250 on a detailing job is worth it.  Our answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Here's are just a few reasons:

  1. For most people today, a vehicle is going to be their second largest purchase next to a home.  If you rent, then your vehicle is most likely the most valuable asset you have.  Spending a few hundred dollars per year to keep it in excellent condition helps preserve that investment.
  2. You spend a great deal of time in your vehicle.  This means lots of opportunity for continuously contributing to it getting dirty.  Fast food, rain, mud, pets, kids, etc.  All of these factors equate to a vehicle being a lot dirtier than you realize.  Plus, as that filth and grime develop over time, you usually are oblivious to how bad it is.  A professional detail will reveal that to you and restore pride you had in your ride when you first got it.
  3. Reduce that "new car" urge you have.  Car payments are expensive and reliability of vehicles is crucial.  Maintaining the newness of your vehicle while making payments on your auto will help keep that new car sensation you had when you first bought the vehicle.  If you drive a vehicle that is paid off, then spending a few hundred dollars to spruce it up is a whole lot less expensive than several hundred dollars PER MONTH that comes with a new one.
  4. Resell value and ability.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Having your car detailed will gain you every dollar back in resell value.  A freshly detailed car makes an excellent first impression and establishes trust with the buyer as you are viewed as someone who cared for the car.  This work best when you have been maintaining the vehicle during your ownership, but still a major advantage if you haven't and now need to sell the car and get top dollar for it.
  5. There is just something therapeutic about a freshly cleaned vehicle.  Few people honestly like travelling in a vehicle that isn't cared for.  Furthermore, when you are carrying people with you, a freshly detailed car gives an excellent impression and enjoyable experience.
Naturally, there are lots of options when it comes to getting your car cleaned.  We admit that professional detailing work is an investment in your vehicle and more costly than traditional car washes or detail hobbyist's that charge less (but offer less).  We are confident that if you are willing to give us a try detailing your vehicle, you will not leave disappointed.  We believe our company reviews and social media standing reflects the satisfaction level that comes from our detail jobs.  :-)
This is a common question and concern people have...and rightfully so.  Regardless on where you stand regarding climate change, global warming, or whatever else the politicians are calling it these days, people want to know that what you clean there vehicles with is not going to tear up their vehicles and is safe for their family and immediate environment.  

We use very gentle, yet effective, cleaning agents for are jobs and ALL are eco-friendly.  Most of our cleaning products are completely plant based and those that aren't are tested and rated completely safe for the environment and your vehicle.

However, keep in mind, an inexperienced person can still use a safe product in the wrong way and cause damage to your vehicle.  This is why it is important that you know who is working on your vehicle and what their expertise level it.  
ABSOLUTELY!  We have a specific program that is custom tailored to fleets in the local area.  Simply give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs and design a program for you.
Wash Patrol is both facilities based in Ennis, TX (Inside Avenue Automotive) as well as 100% mobile.  We travel as far as 60 miles from Ennis to service our customers.  This includes major cities such as Waxahachie, Midlothian, Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Kaufman, Corsicana and everywhere in between.

We are able to service vehicles at both home and business locations, with or without power and water access.  No matter your need, Wash Patrol has you covered.
Nano Ceramic coating is a high tech layer or protection added to your vehicle that eliminates the need to polish and wax your vehicle for up to 7 years.  Pricing, unfortunately, isn't as easy as many would like as there are several factors that go into price considerations.  Vehicle size, paint condition, number of coats you are wanting, etc.  However, we have put together some common price packages that most of our customers fall into.  (CLICK HERE FOR PRICING OPTIONS)

One thing most companies won't tell you about their coating prices is that the prices don't include any paint correction or repair preparation.  What I mean by that is that if you drove a vehicle straight off the showroom floor and into a ceramic coating applicators shop, you would probably get the price listed generically listed on the website.  However, most vehicles do not meet such criteria.  Most need to be cleaned, reconditioned and even have paint correction done to eliminate scratches, swirl marks, etc before applying the coating. Furthermore, most pricing that is quoted on a site is for a single coat that has the lowest protection level.  A single coat of our R1 Pro, provides up to 5 years of protection.  We offer up to 3 coats that gives the full 7 year protection, with the additional 2 coats coming at tremendous savings after the first coat because most of the initial work doesn't need to be repeated.

We would love to discuss your interest in ceramic coating, and help you decide if it is right for you.  Feel free to call or contact us for more information.
While we started Wash Patrol as an entirely mobile business initially, we have grown and expanded to offer both facility based, as well as mobile services to your home or business.  If you are in the Ennis area, we are the official detail company for Frank Kent.  This partnership not only allows for them to use our services for all their detailing needs, but also enables us to have a facility in which you can drop off your vehicle for detailing services, as well as other service needs that Frank Kent offers (oil changes, diagnostics, etc.).  

You don't have to have an appointment for our drop off services, simply come through Frank Kent's service department and have them write you up for a detail package. They will get your vehicle to us and even facilitate a ride back to home or work for you if needed.