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What are R1 Pro CoatingsTM?

R1 CoatingsTM is a clear, liquid, nano ceramic coating that can be applied in layers for the ultimate protection and shine. Once cured, R1 CoatingsTM will transform itself into a permanent, durable shield.  The coating provides industry-leading protection with many times the hardness of waxes, sealants and other protective products.  R1 CoatingsTM sets a new standard in vehicle care and protection.

As R1 CoatingsTM certified applicators, we can assess the condition of your vehicle and recommend a preparation and coating regimen to provide your vehicle with the finest protection and shine available on the market today.  Even on older vehicles where the finish has seen better days, we can polish and correct your paint to restore your finish like-new condition and then protect it with the world's finest nano ceramic coating.

Get Protection that Lasts!

One of the many benefits of R1 CoatingsTM is teh long-lasting protection it provides.  R1 CoatingsTM boasts 9H hardness, helping to keep your vehicle shielded from:

 - UV Rays
- Road Grime
 - Bird Droppings
 - Light scuffs, scratches and abrasions
 - Heat up to 1,800 degrees
 - Acid Rain
 - Other environmental elements

Multi-Surface Applications

R1 CoatingsTM  can be applied to a variety of surfaces to maximize your protection against daily road and environmental contaminants, including:

 - Paint
 - Gel Coat
 - Trim
 - Aluminum
 - Glass
 - Chrome
 - Wheels
 - Plastic

Protect more than just your car

R1 CoatingsTM goes beyond the automotive industry!  We can apply nano ceramic coatings to:

 - Aircraft
 - Boats
 - RV's
 - ATV's
 - Motorcycles
 - And more!

Bottom line...your vehicle deserves more!

Lasting Protection:  R1 CoatingsTM nano ceramic coating forms a strong bond to the vehicle's surface, creating a protective layer against dirt, UV Rays, bird droppings, acid rain, bug residue, light abrasions and other environmental contamination.

Deep Gloss Shine:  R1 CoatingsTM will provide your vehicle with a long-lasting, deep, luxurious shine.  Wash after wash, this shine will continue to last for years.

Hydrophobic Properties:  With the water-beading effect, you can watch water drops race right off your vehicle.  Our coating's hydrophobic surface reduces unwanted water streaks and hard water marks that require extensive scrubbing to wash off.  You will also enjoy the added bonus of your vehicle needing a wash less frequently.

Never Wax Again:  Traditional car wax and traditional paint sealants wear off with washing and exposure to road and environmental contaminants.  With R1 CoatingsTM , you will enjoy years of protection and shine, saving you both time and money!