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Wash Patrol is a family owned and operated, professionally trained and certified auto detailing company based in Ennis. We offer high end facility based detailing for all types of vehicles. Our goal is to make true professional detailing affordable to everyone who cares about taking care of their vehicles.

The truth is that professional detailing costs significantly more in money, time and expertise than traditional car washes; however, detailing or reconditioning is a far greater value and investment for your vehicle. More often than not, we are fixing the damage caused by owners, drive through washes, or other so called "detailers" that aren't properly trained or equipped. We want to educate everyone who cares about their vehicles, that detailing can be affordable and preserve the condition and value of their vehicles far better than washing alone.

So what makes us different?

First, all of our staff are professionally trained and certified in Car Wash, Advanced Detailing, Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration, and Nano Ceramic Coatings. There are many individuals and companies in the market that claim to be professional detailers; however, few have the professional training, certification, or equipment that Wash Patrol offers. If you care about the quality of work going into your vehicle's care, look no further than Wash Patrol.

Second, our attention to detail. our pricing! When compared to other true professional and certified detailers, our prices can be as much as as 50% less. This is NOT because we cut corners or because we use cheap products. Quite the contrary. We use only the best products, equipment and techniques available today. However, our business model is that of efficiency, volume and profit modesty. We believe in fair pricing for the services being offered.

Third, is our soft approach to sales. We work very hard to create packages that meet the majority of needs for our customers and not pull, "bait and switch" pricing that other providers may try. Naturally, every detail situation is unique and with every unique situation, we do our best to ensure that the goals and expectations of the customer are met, at the budget they intended it to. In many cases, there are additional services that can be offered to customers; however, we strive to ensure those recommendations come with clear explanations and understanding. We DO NOT try to blanket up sell our customers for the sake of getting more work. Our objective is to always match the right services with the right need. We do that through our communication with our customers.

Which leads us to our final separator...our professional communication. Being family & veteran owned and operated does make a difference, as we are fully invested in the success of our business. Just give us a call and we are confident you will find us easy to communicate with, honest in our conversation, and trustworthy in our work. So from the initial phone call, to the final inspection, you can expect clear, professional, and educational communication from us.

Thank you for visiting our site and we would be honored to have the opportunity to earn you as a customer.  Take a moment and view our Detail Packages, then call us with any questions or to book a reservation.